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Jaap Spijk

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Salomon Jacobus Spijk in full,
born 12-01-1941
in Uithuizer-Meeden
(In the very north of Holland).

First name: Jaap.

Since 1991, i.e. not until I was 50, I have been involved in Country music.
Now the question is, why it has taken me so long before I paid more attention to (old time) Country music.
The answer to that question can only be given by looking back in time:
In my youth you had to have a guitar to be part of the scene, so I bought my first guitar and book of chords when I was 14.
I messed about a bit and during that time I regularly listened to AFN-transmissions (American Forces Network) with a home made crystal receiver in the evenings. (and especially at nights, of course without my parents knowing)

Through these broadcasts I first heard country music.
So that cannot have been the reason;
I was there early enough !
Unfortunately I didn't take it beyond that point for a long period of time and this potential interest was superseded by other interests such as sports (soccer, fencing and volleyball) and study (chemistry).
As far as country music is concerned, I apparently didn't happen to run into the right kind of people, respectively didn't look for them.
I sang a lot with my daughter Mireille from her early childhood on, especially "Country-oriented" songs.

The "urge" to become active in Country music myself, originated while visiting an open-air Country concert in Diever in Holland as a tourist, sometime in the 80's.
I experienced the music as original, melodious, straight forward and very cheerful.

Jaap with the autoharp
Jaap anno 2004
Listening to Michiel Jansen playing his dobro during that concert, resulted in my interest for that particular instrument.

In my experience there is no second instrument, capable of accentuating musical emotions to that extent.
Michiel taught me the first basics for playing the instrument.

In the meantime I was busy getting a band together and such with varying success.

In February 1994 I happened to meet Ron van Doorneveld, an active fan of bluegrass to the backbone (see also history).
The remaining part of his formation merged with mine and that's how EXCEPT-2 came about.
In EXCEPT-2 I play (fingerpicking) guitar, dobro, Cajun-fiddle and I sometimes take part in the harmony-singing.
Beside that, I compose and write lyrics together with Mireille.

Undoubtedly I have been influenced over the years by celebrities as Peter, Paul and Mary, Lonnie Donegan, Kingston Trio, Woody Guthrie and the Dutch guitarist Harry Sacksioni.

And of course, in my subconsciously by many, many others as well.
Hurray that they were there or still are !
May they go on inspiring me for a long time to come !
Jaap op La Roche 2011
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