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Ida Rompelman

Ida met viool Ida Rompelman, born 18-12-1978 in Delft.
Instrument: (electric) violin.

My basic musical training is classical music.
After a few years of study at the "Westvest Academy" in Delft, I went to the Rotterdam Conservatory.

Here I did the preparatory training for classical music.
After some years I wanted a change.
I got a little fed-up with the "classical music" and I turned to "light music" a bit more.

I played here and there and I met some people who could help me on.
I got into contact with television people and since then I still do the violin part in jingles for various TV-programmes.
A highlight for me was a solo-performance in the "Weekly Jones" TV-show on channel SBS-6.

Furthermore I was concert-master in the musical "The King and I", which took us all over Holland.
All of them nice things to do, but also short-lived; I really wanted something more "steady".
elektrische viool One day I saw an ad in the "Delftse Post": "Violinplayer wanted for country/folk band".
After having given it a good deal of thought --I didn't know a thing about this type of music--
I gave it a try and now we have already been together for more than three years.
In the beginning I really had to get accustomed to this music but .. practice makes perfect; you only just have to listen to our CD's !

I think the best thing about EXCEPT-2 is the fact that 7 completely different people manage to make good music together.
Our (the second already ! !) CD "TAKE-2" is the proof of that.

With EXCEPT-2 it doesn't matter who you are, what you do, how old you are, for if you are on the same line (musically speaking), you can produce both real nice, easy-listening and as well swinging entertaining music.
And that's exactly what we do!

The main thing is to go for it, individual quality comes second.
Without this stamina, we would never have pulled off recording a CD in two (!) days time, and listen to the result yourself !

lijn met twee vogeltjes
Because of study and other performances, since 2000
Ida has no more time to work on a regular base at the EXCEPT-2-repertoire.
and had to stop playing with EXCEPT-2.
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Sending an E-mail to Jaap Spijk via the address except2@xs4all.nl is the easiest way for a first contact !

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