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click here for a 'direct link' to the pages with performance-data (Dutch language) EXCEPT-2 is a Country / Folk / Bluegrass / Cajun band from the Delft area, in the west of Holland.
The group consists of four players.

Except-2 made its start in history on 24 February 1995 by the merging of two acoustic groups: "Country Stuff" and "Country Target".

"Country Stuff" was mainly bluegrass-oriented, playing typical bluegrass instruments such as banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar and bass.

"Country Target" was more focussed on close harmony singing, featuring Mireille as their lead singer and the band accompanying her on guitar and dobro.

It is fairly obvious that such a merger produces "acoustic music" containing a mix of clear bluegrass elements and close harmony singing.

EXCEPT-2's repertoire has therefore been a mixed bag from the start, also including Cajun music since 2001.

If you want to learn more about EXCEPT-2 and read the latest news, please visit;
At this moment we counted already more than 30 movies about EXCEPT-2 at YouTube !
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click here for more information about the CD ´JUNCTION´ The fifth CD "JUNCTION" was recorded during spring 2006
and released in the summer of 2006 at the 26th FLORALIA FESTIVAL;
´JUNCTION´ also was recorded and produced by EXCEPT-2 !
nieuw This CD can be ordered at Jaap Spijk for Euro 10,-
Please do realise this price is not including the shipping costs !!!
(The E-mail addres of Jaap Spijk can be found at the bottom of this page )

click here for more information about the CD ´EXCEPT-2 # 2005´ In november 2005 we also recorded a promotion CD (EXCEPT-2 # 2005), this one containing six songs.

During the recording of this (again self-produced) CD we were able to use a 24-track digital recorder.
We really learned a lot from this way of recording !

Unfortunately, there are no copies of these CDs available anymore....

click here for more information about the CD ´Just a taste´ In November 2004 EXCEPT-2 recorded a promotion CD ("Just A Taste ...."),
including nine songs that may be considered as a cross-section of EXCEPT-2's 2004 repertoire.
Unfortunately, there are no copies of these CDs available anymore....

click here for more information about the CD ´TAKE-2´ The raving review of EXCEPTIONAL in the Dutch Country music magazine Country Gazette
led to plans for another self-produced CD,
which was recorded in 1998 and was appropriately entitled "TAKE-2".

The recordings of both CDs (directly to 2-track !!!) were digitally mastered
in the SoundFX studios in Aalsmeer, Holland.

This CD (with the "old" EXCEPT-2 members) still can be ordered !

click here for more information about the CD ´EXCEPTIONAL´ "EXCEPTIONAL", the band's first self-produced CD,
was released in the autumn of 1997 and was sold out in one year.
Unfortunately, there are no copies of these CDs available anymore....

klik hier voor meer informatie over de ´verzamel-CD's´ We are very proud that our EXCEPT-2-songs have meen selected for a variety of Dutch (Country) compilation-CD's...

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»»» awards »»»

the 19th SCPO festival in Oss, oktober 2005 At the 19th SCPO (Stichting Country Promotion Oss) festival,
which was organized by the Oss foundation for Country Music promotion in October 2005,
EXCEPT-2 was selected as "overall winner" !

Also in the "acoustic bands" category, EXCEPT-2 was voted the 2005 winner ! !

click here for a link to "the Country Gazette" In 2001 EXCEPT-2 finished in 4th place in the "acoustic bands" category in a poll
held among readers of Country Gazette and members of
the Dutch Country Music Association (DCMA)

(In 2000 EXCEPT-2 already finished in 6th place !)

click here for more info on the Dutch Country Music Poll 1999 In 1999 EXCEPT-2 was nominated for the first time
and took 9th place in the Dutch Country Music Poll.

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»»» performances »»»

upcoming performances
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When and where are the upcoming performances ?

Tales and pictures from "previous" performances ?

Please note: the pages above are available in the Dutch language only ! !

You Tube Click here for an overview of the links to our YouTube video´s !

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de Nieuwsbrief-schrijver The Newsletters (also only published in the Dutch language !)
are sent to fans and concert attendees who wish to stay in touch
with the "life and fortunes" of EXCEPT-2.

You can find an overview of the Newsletters and the Site-Map here.

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