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Well wife I've found a model church and worship there today,
it made me think of the good old times before my hair was grey
The meeting house was finer built than they where years ago
but I've found out when I went in it was not build for show

The sexton did not sat me down away back by the door
he knew that I was old and deaf and saw that I was poor
He must have been a Christian man he let me boldly through
and all along that crowded church to find a pleasant view

I wish you'd heard the singing choir, it had the old time ring
the preacher said with trophied voice let all the people sing
Oh coronation was the tune, the music upward roared
I thought I'd heard the angel choir strike on their harps of gold

I'll tell you why it did me good to sing those hymns once more
I felt just like some wreck marine who gets a glimpse of shore
It made me want to lay aside this weather beaten ford
and anchor in that blessed port for ever from the storm

Dear wife the toil will soon be o'r, the victory soon be won
The shining strand is just ahead our race is nearly run
We're nearing Can's happy shore our hopes are bright and fair
Thank God we'll never sail again, there'll be no sorrow there

There'll be no sorrow there
In heaven above
Where all is love
There'll be no sorrow there

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