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"Rolling and rambling"

Folks in Nashville slammed the door, said we don't want you anymore
Find your own way down the road
Pack your fiddle and your guitar, take a train or take a car
Find someone else to keep you from the cold


Rollin' and Ramblin', women loved him half to death
He sang with whisky on his breath, his heart broke like a child's
Rollin' and Ramblin', the sun has set out on the trail
The hobo's drifted up the rail, he's taken his last ride

Oh, he always sang the blues, like it was all he ever knew
He didn't sing at all that night
He was pale and as he dozed, he didn't know his time has closed
Slumped in the back seat to the right

So they sent him on a night train South,
Through the cities and the rural routes
Just one more place to go
Ah, the whistle sang the bluest note, like it came from his own throat
Moanin' sad and cryin' low

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