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"Silence says it all"

He closed the door to his old truck and slowly crossed the lawn
Tonight he knows she's waiting up 'cause every light is on
She tried so hard to make him strong she ain't had much success
Now once again he has to face her with his weakness on his breath

He pushed the key inside the lock and found the door ajar
He felt it sweeping through him and he didn't see her car
Inside he cried her name aloud, it echoed down the hall
Tonight he learn' there are times in life when silence says it all


He could hear those times of crying she would softly beg and plead
and he heard his tongue trying to defend the fool she sees
and he heard her say there'll come a day that 'll break the final straw
Sometimes silence says it all

Through his fear he found himself staring at their bed
In place of any goodbye note she left her rings instead
When he picked them up he felt the need to break right down and bald
It was over and he knew it, Lord the silence said it all

Oh, Oh sometimes silence says it all

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