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Petticoat Junction

Come and ride that little train,
That is rolling down the tracks
to the junction.

Forget about your cares,
It is time to relax
at the junction.

Lots´a curves, you bet,
Even more, when you get to the junction.

Petticoat Junction…

There's a little hotel, called the "Shady Rest"
at the Junction,
Petticoat Junction…

It is run by Kate, come and be her guest
at the Junction,
Petticoat Junction…

And that's Uncle Joe, he´s a movin´ kind´a slow
at the Junction,
Petticoat Junction…

When they hear the dinner bell from the "Shady Rest" Hotel
at the Junction,

Folks who walk a country mile for a chicken "Country-style"
at the Junction,

But all this is to observe all those pretty girls who serve
at the Junction !

Petticoat Junction…
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