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Here you will find a number of "Country / Cajun Sites", in random order.
We are fully open to nice suggestions !

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Des Fais Do-Do Des Fais Do-Do from Enschede (Holland) visited Louisiana and they performed there with D.L. Menard,
(La porte d'en arrière), Eddy Le Jeune (son of) and they played in "Heritage des Cajuns";
A "live" radio program in the Liberty Theatre in Eunice.
Blue Wire Blue Wire is a quintet, originated in Belgium, playing "Americana".
Zydeco Fever

Zydeco Fever play the Zydeco Music straight from their heart !

Be aware the gigs are not just fun to watch, but you'll have to dance to their:

De Country Gazette The "Country Gazette" is thè magazine for "Country News" in Belgium and Holland.


Many very useful links to bands, radio-stations and many more !

RU Bluegrass Club RU Bluegrass Club

RU Bluegrass Club has a page with lyrics and guitar music.
- Lyrics to traditional and bluegrass songs.
- Chords and lyrics to traditional and bluegrass songs.
- Guitar Tabs to traditional and bluegrass songs.

Willem Versloot Willem Versloot's site really has a lot of information about Cajun en Zydeco;
Live music in .mp3 format, many photos, articles about culture, history, musical instruments, bands, reviews of concerts and festivals, and lyrics.
Motoya Kitagawa Motoya Kitagawa's home page (Bluegrass Songbook) "for his own use".

Still there are many lyrics to be found !
Might come in handy ?

Country-Music-Club Country-Music-Club is a nice Country-music search-engine.
Nancy Tabb Marcantel Nancy Tabb Marcantel's site is nice to visit, and has some interesting Cajun-links !
Jerry Douglas The pages on Jerry Douglas naturally provide information on Jerry, but there also is a lot of "technical information" about maintenance and repair of guitars, dobros and steel guitars.
Here you can find a link to the pages of practically every guitar brand !
Rounder Rounder provides an overall picture of "well-known" bluegrass / old time / Country artists in America.

You will also find a concert-review (for America).

Balfa Toujours Balfa Toujours is a traditional Cajun band from Southwest Louisiana, whose goal it is to carry on in the footsteps of their mentors; the Balfa Brothers.

Led by Christine Balfa, the daughter of the great Cajun fiddler and ambassador Dewey Balfa, they play the traditional music that has been handed down in their family for generations.

A new site, nice to take a look.
The Bruce Daigrepont Cajun
	Band The Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band mixes traditional Louisiana
French music with original Cajun and Zydeco material.
Both New Orleans natives and tourists alike catch Bruce and his band at the legendary Tipitina's for the Sunday-evening "fais do do".
Allez Mama "Allez Mama" is a Dutch group, playing music inspirated by the music of South-West Louisiana & New Orleans and combine the Zydeco-music with Funk, Soul and Rap & Roll.
Their songs are mainly in Dutch and sometimes in French.
Dutch Country Music Association

DCMA (Dutch Country Music Association) lets you know
what goes on in the "Country Music scene" in Holland (the Netherlands).
It's an organization of interest to everyone who feels a commitment to Country music in Holland.
The main purpose of the DCMA is the promotion of Country music in Holland.
Best-known event is of course: The "Dutch Country Music Awards Gala".

Music Website Directory Music Website Directory; a "general" list of "Music Links".
i bluegrass i bluegrass; a really extensive list of bluegrass links.
Boek 'n Band Boek 'n Band (Dutch Language) a nice site;
artists / bands, assorted by style.
The Bayou Mosquitos
The Bayou Mosquitos play music from the South of the
United States, in particular the cultural treasures of Louisiana and Texas,
where the accordion plays an important role;
Rhythm & Blues, Cajun, Zydeco and Tex Mex music are the ingredients for the musical "gumbo" of the group.
Jeroen Nijhof

Jeroen Nijhof; a site with an incredible amount of information
about accordions / accordion-players from all over the world,
with more than 1000 (!) "accordion-links".....

Accordiana Accordiana too, is a site with really a lot of info on accordions and accordion-players.
Cochon Bleu A Dutch Cajun Band from Groningen.
Cybergrass new bluegrass links Cybergrass new bluegrass links ->> so: links - links - links !
Is a band from Amsterdam & Groningen.
Their music has been inspired by the music from the swamps of Louisiana (Zydeco, Cajun) and from Amerika (Tex-Mex).

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